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PAL 2 Announcement

LifeRing has some exciting news. We are now partnering with researchers at the Alcohol Research Group on a large study funded by the National Institutes of Health called the Peer Alternatives for Addiction Study, Phase 2 (or PAL2). This study builds upon the team’s prior PAL1 study, and is the largest existing study of diverse mutual-help group options, including LifeRing. The study will provide detailed information to scientists, practitioners, policy-makers, and the public about effective mutual-help group options for addressing alcohol and other drug problems. Results will also help support individuals with alcohol and other drug problems in making the best choices for their recovery pathways.

Please consider participating. Click Here for a flyer explaining the purpose and requirements to participate in this study. For more information about how to participate, you can also go to You must be 18 or over, be a U.S. resident, and have attended (or led) a meeting in the past 30 days to participate. Individuals surveyed for PAL1 may not participate. People who complete the study will receive $115 in Amazon gift cards.

The St. Pete LSR group meets at the Adult Center behind the
Good Samaritan Church at 6085 Park Blvd., Pinellas Park.

The Clearwater LSR group meets at Sylvan Abbey United Methodist Church
2817 Sunset Point Road Clearwater, FL 33759